DHL acquiring more electric Ford Transit 350HD vans

Lightning eMotors' electric Ford Transit 350HD (shown above) has proven popular with DHL.
Lightning eMotors' electric Ford Transit 350HD (shown above) has proven popular with DHL.

Following a successful pilot of electric Ford Transit vans, DHL Express is rolling out dozens more of the zero-emissions delivery vehicles.

DHL finished a pilot with nine Lightning Electric Ford Transit 350HD electric vans late last year and liked the vans so much that they chose to keep the vans and add 89 more for use in New York and California.

“We’re aiming to improve the lives of people where they live and work, using clean pickup and delivery solutions – such as electric vehicles and cargo cycles – for our first- and last-mile services,” said DHL Express U.S. CEO Greg Hewitt. “With the successful deployment of the first nine pilot vehicles, we are excited to expand our electric delivery van footprint and continue to drive forward our corporate roadmap to decarbonization.”

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The new electric vans are capable of achieving 61 MPGe, compared to 13 MPG for similar gas-powered vans. They also include proprietary telematics and analytics software which will aid with route optimization, driver training and vehicle efficiencies.

DHL purchased DC fast-chargers for the vans through Lighting eMotors’ Lightning Energy division “which will ensure that the new vehicles are charged quickly and uptime maximized,” said Lightning eMotors CEO Tim Reeser.

“These new electric vans are designed to better serve DHL customers and help couriers to more efficiently and effectively deliver packages,” Reeser continued. “At the same time, they are helping DHL to meet its commitments to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve urban air quality, as well as reduce noise on the streets.”

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