GM, Navistar team up for fuel cell deal


GM announced today that it will supply its Hydrotec fuel cell power cubes to Navistar for use in its production model fuel cell electric vehicle (FCEV) – the International RH Series.

Navistar’s FCEV will get energy from two GM Hydrotec fuel cell power cubes. Each Hydrotec power cube contains 300-plus hydrogen fuel cells along with thermal and power management systems.

According to GM, the power cubes are compact and easy to package and can be used in a wide range of applications, including marine, earth-moving and mining equipment, locomotives and power generators.

Critics of fuel cells have pointed out the popular and costly use of platinum as a catalyst in proton exchange membranes or PEMs. However, GM notes below that their Fuel Cell Power Cubes have low precious metal content. As with platinum used in catalytic converters on conventional vehicles to reduce emissions, platinum in PEMs can also be recycled.

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