2019 Ram 5500 Limited gets upfit from CM Truck Beds

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Updated Mar 15, 2019

CM Truck Beds mounted its ER truck bed on the most luxurious chassis cab they’ve worked with yet, the new 2019 Ram 5500 Limited.

We got a closer look at the rig at The Work Truck Show where CM Truck Beds Vice President Joe Lewis gave us a tour (video posted below).

“It gives you not only the heavy-duty towing capacity, which is most important to customers today, but it gives you the comfort that you’re looking for,” Lewis said. “The interior of the truck is just beautiful.”

The ER truck bed, popular with ranchers, show truck users and high-end transporters, provides four integrated tool boxes that feature locking T-handle compression latches for a tight seal that’s designed to keep moisture out.

A B&S gooseneck ball provides up to 30,000 pounds towing while towing at the rear maxes out at 18,500 pounds.

A one-piece, tube headache rack provides plenty of tie-down points while 1/8-inch steel treadplate gets a durable LineX coating.

CM Truck Beds’ exclusive adjustable airline tracks on both sides of the bed provide even more tie-down points.

CM Truck Beds come with a one-year warranty while a lifetime warranty is offered on their LED lights.

Upfitting the new 2019 Ram chassis cabs is easy, Lewis said.

“It’s just as easy to upfit the 2019 Ram as it was the 2018 and before Rams,” said Lewis. “Our bodies fit them just as good as before. We’re ready at CM Truck Beds and we’re very excited about the new Ram chassis cabs.”