Trucker in restricted Minneapolis tunnel knocks out lights

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Updated Aug 7, 2017

The cameras are rolling in Minneapolis where they’ve been filming trucks driving illegally through Lowry Tunnel.

Vehicles that weigh 9,000 pounds or more have been prohibited from traveling through the 1,600-foot-long tunnel along I-94 since the start of a construction project there in June.

Through the years, the tunnel has generated plenty of complaints for its sharp turn, which has caused regular traffic jams.

Now, traffic is even worse after the Minnesota Department of Transportation reduced three lanes of traffic each way down to two. Also, the lanes have been reduced from 12 to 10 feet wide, according to 

There’s a posted speed limit of 40 mph along with signs that prohibit vehicles weighing 9,000 pounds or more from entering the tunnel.

Still, the trucks keep coming and the cameras continue to catch the action. MDOT recently released one video showing a truck from JNJ Express striking 47 canister lights inside the tunnel (video posted below). The driver, 69-year-old Miguel Ciena-Torres of Apopka, Florida was eventually caught and cited for careless driving and failure to obey a regulatory sign. As Ciena-Torres struck the lights, debris fell on vehicles following behind him.

It’s not just MDOT that’s been capturing restricted vehicles on camera in the tunnel. Local ABC-TV affiliate KSTP reported that one of its photographers videoed semi truck drivers passing through the tunnel Friday morning (video posted below).

Additional law enforcement patrols have been added to the area. Drivers may face a $300 citation for ignoring the weight restriction. A detour is available along I-35W, Crosstown Hwy. 62 and Hwy. 100.

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