Concrete truck used in Colorado gun store smash ‘n grab

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Updated Dec 5, 2018

While we’ve seen pickups and even box trucks used in smash ‘n grabs, a Colorado gun store is making headlines after being breached by a concrete truck.

An undisclosed amount of firearms were stolen from Green Mountain Guns early this morning in Lakewood after a stolen concrete truck was used to rip away the store’s front doors.

The break-in follows a failed smash ‘n grab at the store in 2017. According to, a Jeep could not get past metal posts placed along the store front. Gun shop owners added concrete barriers following the incident.

However this time police say no ramming was involved. Instead, a cable attached to the truck was used to pull off the shop’s doors.

Police aren’t releasing much information at this point but did say that a getaway vehicle was used. The truck was left behind with its drum still turning (kdvr video posted below).