Peterbilt: New electrical control unit makes body upfitting easier & increases functionality


Peterbilt announced today its Vehicle Electrical Control Unit (VECU) to help increase truck functionality and simply body upfitting.

“Peterbilt’s heritage is built on customers being able to order a truck that is designed and manufactured specifically to get the job done in the most efficient and reliable manner,” said Robert Woodall, Peterbilt’s assistant general manager of sales and marketing. “The enhanced PTO functionality for the MX engine, simplified wiring harnesses and electronics capacity of VECU will provide our customers access to advanced technology functions and expanded configuration of the overall truck operation.”

Peterbilt worked with customers and truck equipment manufacturers to improve the electrical integration process of a Peterbilt chassis with a vocational body. Proper electrical communication between the chassis and body is key to maintaining reliability.

Peterbilt offers a variety of body connectors to simplify the integration process. This includes customized settings for PTO operations, multiplex switches to improve diagnostic capabilities and additional safety interlocks. Customers will also be able to utilize a standard RP1226 connector, located inside the cab, to easily connect aftermarket electronic devices like telematics systems, ELDs and electronic body controls.

VECU will be implemented on Models 567 and 579 trucks produced in early October 2018.