Aspen launches new 53-foot long lowboy commercial trailer

Updated Mar 21, 2018
Aspen M5500-8 Commercial Trailer

Aspen introduced this week its M5500-8 commercial trailer designed and built by the same team that brings you Aspen’s heavy haul and super haul products. The Aspen M5500-8 comes standard with 26 feet of flush deck, swing-out outriggers, protected air lines, wide gooseneck support arm and rear frame ready for a flip 4th axle or 14’-1” spread single axle booster.

This 55 Ton hydraulic removable gooseneck lowboy can be customized to help reduce weight and cost. Aspen customers can choose from options like a 9-hp Honda engine, bolted load bearing wheel covers, locking chain basket, air lift 3rd axle, flip 4th axle module and 14’-1” single axle booster.

“The new Aspen M5500-8 Commercial trailer offers a 116-inch gooseneck swing, meaning you can get under the trailer with your 4 axle tractor without being punished by the extra weight and hassle of flipping an extension,” said Aspen Vice-President John Zork. “In keeping with Aspen’s commitment to ‘Haul More,’ we are offering the market a 55 Ton trailer that can consistently haul its stated payload, as many times a day and as many days a year as you need it to.”

The new Aspen M5500-8 features bolted load bearing wheel covers, low profile power pack installation and 116-inch gooseneck swing with 26 feet of wide open deck and an overall length of 53 feet.