Meritor launches new line of high-quality axle gear sets

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Meritor announced today a new line of high-quality gear sets at aftermarket prices for Meritor 145 and 160 series axles.

The new line, built to Meritor product specifications and validated through extensive axle dynamometer testing to ensure better gear mesh, smooth operation and durability, includes:

  • Ring gear and drive pinion sets
  • Main differential sets with differential pinions and side gears
  • Inter-axle differential sets with helical gears, differential pinions and side gears

“These 30 new part numbers are the first in a series of products launching in the next year to provide aftermarket customers with a complete offering of high-quality drive axle components,” said Aravind Pillai, senior manager, Drive Axles for Meritor. “We designed and engineered the gears with Meritor’s unparalleled expertise in gearing solutions for customers seeking a production-quality solution at significantly lower prices than genuine products.”

Manufactured at Meritor facilities, the gear sets are covered by a two-year warranty compared to the one-year coverage commonly offered by competitors.