Allison updates FuelSense platform

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Allison Transmission Monday during the Green Truck Summit in Indianapolis announced the addition of DynActive Shifting to its FuelSense 2.0 package.

Through a set of software enhancements, FuelSense 2.0 uses DynActive Shifting to provide an infinitely variable combination of shift points, and uses a learning algorithm to continuously balance fuel economy and performance while delivering up to 6 percent more fuel savings above the company’s original FuelSense software launched three years ago.

“The most innovative transmission control technology available for commercial vehicles today,” says John Coll, senior vice president of global marketing, sales and service for Allison Transmission.

Available in three packages, FuelSense 2.0 allows fleets to optimize fuel economy and performance to their specific needs.

Coll says the improved technology reduces fuel consumption in all segments of a vehicle’s duty cycle and offers increased specification flexibility.

An improved “Neutral at Stop” lowers fuel consumption and emissions by reducing or eliminating the load on the engine when the vehicle is stopped. Two versions are available: Standard, which provides partial (first-level) Neutral at Stop, and Premium, which provides full Neutral at Stop and a new, low-speed coasting capability.

Both versions feature a locked output at stop to prevent rollback.

An enhanced “Acceleration Rate Management” feature mitigates aggressive driving by automatically controlling engine torque. Newly updated, in addition to five levels of control currently available, it provides more precision by limiting vehicle acceleration to a customized rate.

FuelSense 2.0 packages, which have endured more than 3 million miles of testing, will be available mid-April.

Autocar Trucks will be the first truck manufacturer to install the optional software into trucks’ transmission control module on its main production line.