First Pete equipped with MX-11 engine rolls off the line

FirstPeterbiltMX-11Peterbilt recently installed its first production MX-11 engine in the company’s newest vocational truck, the Model 567 in a set-forward front axle configuration.

The truck was presented to Knife River, who drove it off the assembly line at Peterbilt’s Denton, Texas manufacturing facility and will put the truck into service in the company’s mixer operations throughout the Northwest U.S.

“It was a great experience to tour Peterbilt’s plant,” says Scott Hammond, Knife River’s Northwest Region Equipment Manager. “We’re anxious to put the MX-11 and Model 567 to work.”

Paccar’s 10.8-liter MX-11 engine, with an output of up to 430 horsepower and 1,550 lb.-ft. of torque, became available for order through Peterbilt dealerships in November and production began this week.

Peterbilt’s Model 567 SFFA, the industry’s newest heavy-duty vocational truck, features a chassis that Peterbilt says optimizes weight distribution. It is available in both 115- and 121-inch BBC lengths. The 115-inch BBC has a bumper to front axle distance of 29 inches and the 121-inch BBC has a bumper to front axle distance of 31 inches. Peterbilt also offers the Model 567 in a set-back front axle configuration, also available in a 115- or 121-inch BBC length.