Radio station seeking identity of Christmas truck drivers

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A New Jersey radio station is trying to identify two drivers who drove their Christmas light-clad trucks on the state’s highways.

A YouTube video, posted by an admiring passerby who utters only “Wow!” during the 1-minute video, features two cement mixers covered with colorful lights, including the trucks’ spinning drums and wheels.

“Think you’ve seen all there is to see on New Jersey’s highways? We’d bet you haven’t seen Christmas cheer like this on the roads,” writes Louis Hochman in an article on

When Samsebeskazal NYC posted the video earlier this month he said he had never seen people passing trucks so slowly on the highway. To date, the video has had 94,401 views. Samsebeskazal regularly posts content for a Russian language blog.

The radio station believes the trucks were traveling on Route 87 close to an exit for Route 287 and Route 17.

“Now the only question is…who decked out their trucks so gloriously?” Hochman writes.

Anyone who thinks they know the drivers is asked to write their names in the comments section below the article. However, with some on the web criticizing the colorful displays as a dangerous distraction, the sleigh riders may remain undiscovered.