Mack truck plant to lay off hundreds

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Mack Trucks Inc. attributes its layoff announcement to declining truck sales.Mack Trucks Inc. attributes its layoff announcement to declining truck sales.

Mack Trucks Inc. will lay off 400 workers next month at its Pennsylvania manufacturing plant, according to the Associated Press.

Mack Trucks, a subsidiary of Volvo Group, says lackluster sales led to the layoff, which will begin Jan. 25.

The layoff in Lower Macungie Township near Allentown comprises more than 20 percent of the plant’s 1,850 workers who build Mack trucks for distribution in North America and abroad.

Monday’s announcement follows prior layoff news from Volvo Trucks.

Last week Volvo announced that it was laying off 200 people at its Mack powertrain factory in Hagerstown, Maryland. The plant employs about 1,800 people, according to News & Record in Greensboro, N.C., where Volvo North American is headquartered.

Two weeks ago, Volvo Trucks announced that a February layoff would cost the jobs of 734 of its workers at its manufacturing plant in Dublin, Va.

Volvo Trucks reports that the the Hagerstown and Dublin layoffs are also a result of declining truck sales.

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