TONKA Dump Truck Rolls For Real at The Work Truck Show

Updated Mar 9, 2015

Mighty Ford F-750 TONKA Dump Truck makes big splash at the opening of NTEA

When the sheet was lifted off the mystery truck at the end of Ford’s presentation to kick off the 2015 The Work Truck Show, no one expected to see their favorite toy: a Tonka Dump Truck.

The kicker is it’s 10-feet tall and fully functional.

Ford Commercial Vehicles’ Tonka is a 2016 F-750 built in collaboration with Tonka–right down to the bright yellow paint and black/white graphics.

Check out the gallery above, then check it out in person as the Tonka Dump Truck will be on display at major trade, vocational, and work truck shows across the country later this year.

[youtube r8jyZ2XzMDs nolink]