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Updated Oct 17, 2014

Towing Safety Education “Workshop” On Air Lift Company WebsiteAir Lift Workshop Website

No matter what vehicle you drive or what load you tow, doing it safely is paramount.

That’s why Air Lift Company, a leader in air spring suspension products, has opened up a learning center, called the Workshop, within the corporate website.

To help consumers learn about the benefits of air springs, and why air support is an important aspect of safe towing, the Air Lift Workshop features a comprehensive, online learning resource that addresses numerous issues about towing and hauling.

Everything you need to know about air suspension, towing, and hauling is covered in the Workshop-including air suspension basics, how to properly load a trailer, buying tips, and a primer on vehicle weight ratings.    

“Air Lift air springs are engineered to accommodate a range of applications and are for drivers who put their vehicles to the test with hauling for work, fun, and sport,” said Aaron Lundy, product manager, Air Lift. “The Air Lift Workshop helps explain the many advantages provided by air springs.”