Time To Change To Winter Tires

Updated Oct 20, 2014

L Walton Snow Driving 016Goodyear Says to Get a Grip, Winter Around the Corner

While much of the country is enjoying continued warm temperatures and looking forward to a colorful autumn, the venerable Farmers’ Almanac is predicting a colder-than-normal winter for much of North America, with “copious amounts of snow and rain” over the eastern third of the U.S.

Below normal temperatures are also forecast for about three-quarters of Canada.

If such predictions are true – and the Farmers’ Almanac is right about 80-85 percent of the time – Goodyear officials said motorists shouldn’t wait much longer to improve their traction on hazardous roads and highways.

Really good winter tires make a tremendous difference in vehicle handling and driver safety. 

It’s not too late to consider a set of new tires for the company pickup or sport-utility vehicle.

“It’s never too late to prepare your vehicle for winter,” said Steve Rohweder, Goodyear director of consumer tire technology. “Along with antifreeze and battery check-ups, inspection of your tire tread is especially important as we prepare for potential slippery road conditions.”

Rohweder recommends a set of winter tires for motorists in severe winter regions, or at least an inspection of the current tread level and tire condition for all drivers who expect to drive on wet, slick or snow-covered roads this winter.

Goodyear offers its Ultra Grip line of tires for use in winter conditions.

He reminds motorists that the Farmers’ Almanac’s forecast last winter was largely on the mark. The heavy amounts of snow and the deep freeze felt by much of the northern U.S. and Canada last winter was predicted.

The weather formula of the Farmers’ Almanac is a closely guarded secret. It is prepared two years in advance and the forecasts are based on sunspots, planet position and the moon’s tidal action.