Colorado/Canyon Offer Box-Delete Option

Updated Oct 9, 2014

DSCN2182BrandFX Body Company A Ship-Thru Provider For New Colorado/Canyon Service Bodies

Never for a moment think GM has overlooked the commercial side of the market with the rebirth of the all-new Chevy Colorado and GMC Canyon midsize pickups.

One of the options fleet customers of road building, plumbing, HVAC mechanical, electrical, utility, telecommunications, pest control, oil and gas, and mechanics’ fleet trucks is a box-delete with a fiberglass service body installed.

Jeff Luke,  the executive chief engineer for GM’s global full-size and midsize trucks, told Hard Working Trucks during the media drive event in California this week, that BrandFX Body Company is a ship-through partner for the Colorado/Canyon. 

That means fleet customers can special order the service-body version of the Extended Cab Work Truck  trim level through their local dealer so when it arrives it’s ready to hit the road.  

Luke says BrandFX upfits the Colorados/Canyons at a new assembly facility that’s in close proximity to where the new GM midsize pickups are built.

That makes it easy to have the service-body-equipped trucks ship to the dealers along with the regular models, speeding up the delivery process.

The WT models can also be ordered with the box-delete so they can be customized by the customer with other bed options such as a stake bed, from aftermarket suppliers.