Fun Trucks Ferrari: The fastest El Camino knock-off yet?

My other truck is a Lambo: The staff here at Fun Trucks Friday often find ourselves in a pickle: Our 2-seat Euro supercars just don’t quite get the job done when we need to haul a load of cement bags or a scaffold or even a couple of extra day laborers to the work site.

Just for kicks, we were thinking of extending the whale tail on the company Porsche Turbo Carrera to make a suitable platform for a pallet when we caught this conversion on the History Channel show Ultimate Wheels.

Set in the London Motor Museum and sister operation, London Supercar Workshop, the show follows owner and founder Elo on his quest to transform great cars into, wait for it, “ultimate wheels.”

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A highlight of Britain’s most colorful new car show is a creation dreamed up by Elo in light of the booming London housing market and its appetite for increasingly decadent home conversions: a legendary “prancing horse” turned into the ultimate builder’s workhorse – a Ferrari pick-up truck.

To realize Elo’s vision, he and his mechanic buddy Will Trickett set about converting a 1989 Ferrari 412 into a perfect hard working truck for the high-end tradesman.

They start by taking an angle-grinder to the Italian collectable, removing a bit of the roof and shifting everything forward to create a 3-ft. bed at the back.

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Taking inspiration from luxury yachts, teak wood is used to panel the bed after jacking up the rear suspension for extra load-carrying capability.

A real Jekyll-and-Hyde conversion, the Ferrari is adorned with a shotgun scoop hood and custom exhaust system resulting in a dual-personality of high performance hot-rod and practical work truck.

The shotgun scoop moves up and down, and the unique exhaust has a valve system which the driver can decide – at the flick of a switch – whether to set to growl fiercely or produce a more refined sound for leafier avenues.

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The pick-up is finished with a custom sound system (ideal for playing Italian opera) and a beautiful Ferrari rosso red paint job.

“This is one of my favorite cars of the TV series – something truly unique and even experienced Ferrari technicians like what we’ve done,” Elo says.