Ford F-150 4Ă—4 vs Liebherr T282B Haul Truck

Updated Jun 11, 2014
Ford trucks and giant off-road dump trucks are the backbone of the Barrick Cortez gold mine operation in Nevada.

Ford F-150 SuperCrew 4Ă—4 vs. Liebherr T282B: By The Numbers

How does the world’s best-selling work truck compare against one of the world’s largest work trucks? The numbers tell all.

At the Barrick Gold Cortez mine in north-central Nevada the work of moving millions of tons of gold-bearing earth for processing is a 24/7, 365-day a year job.

Men and machines work regardless of the weather conditions sweeping over the sprawling open-pit mine complex, one of seven mining operations Barrick has in the US, six of which are in Nevada.


The Cortez site is one of the largest gold producers in the world, relinquishing more than five–million troy ounces of gold in the last three years alone.  

To achieve those numbers, millions of tons of rock and material have to be blasted from the side of the mountain and moved to the processing locations on the site.

But that kind of production would not be possible if it weren’t for the work trucks that haul the gold-bearing material – and more than 220 Ford F-Series pickups and E-Series vans in the Cortez fleet that transport men and their equipment to the work areas.

Two of the work trucks Cortez rely heavily upon are F-150s and Leibherr T282-B haul trucks: The former to haul workers and their tools around the sprawling complex, and the latter to move rock and earth blasted from the side of the mountain to be processed.

Both are key work trucks for the mine site’s smooth-running operation.

So how do these two trucks compare? You be the judge.

Here’re the basic specifications of each vehicle representative of what is being used at the Barrick Cortez mining operation: 

Liebherr T282B Haul TruckLiebherr T282B Haul Truck


Ford F-150 SuperCrew 4Ă—4Ford F-150 SuperCrew 4Ă—4














  • 2014 Ford      Make     2014 Liebherr

  • F-150 XLT Super Crew 4Ă—4     Model      T282-B Haul Truck
  • Kansas City, MO      Assembly        On site
  • $30,335         Base Price    $4,000,000
  • 6          Max Seating       1
  • 5.0L (302cid) Triton V8    Engine   90L (5492cid) Detroit Diesel 20V4000
  • 360 @ 5,500rpm       Horsepower           3,654 @1800rpm
  • 6 qts.         Engine Oil Capacity                103 gals.
  • 16 qts      Cooling System Capacity    202.2 gals.
  • Four-wheel-drive      Drive Type    Rear/Twin Electric AC motors
  • 3.55:1            Axle Ratio         43.7:1 
  • 6-speed Automatic      Transmission         Direct-electric drive
  • 100 mph          Top Speed            34 mph
  • 26 gals.             Fuel Capacity         1,414 gals
  • 14 mpg            City (jobsite) MPG            4 gpm
  • $90                 Cost To Fill-Up         $5,400
  • 364 miles            Driving Range        353 miles
  • 5,716 lbs.         Curb Weight        555,564 lbs. (97 F-150s)
  • 1,700 lbs.         Max Payload           800,278 lbs (140 F-150s)
  • 7,350 lbs.          GVWR        1,437,414 lbs. (195 F-150s)
  • 12 ft.            Wheelbase              21.5 ft.
  • 19.3 ft.       Overall Length       47.6 ft.
  • 6.4 ft.           Overall Height        25.7 ft.
  • 8.1 ft.          Overall Width         29.5 ft.
  • .75 ft.        Ground Clearance        4.6 ft.
  • 41.7 ft.              Turning Radius      56.5 ft.
  • Goodyear 265/70R17        Tires       Bridgestone VRPS E-4 59/80R63
  • 31.7”           Tire Height        158.1”
  • 50 lbs.           Tire Weight        11,500 lbs. (2 F-150s)
  • $800            Tire Cost/Set           $300,000  (10 F-150s)

Note: Specifications can vary depending on customer needs and how they spec out the trucks