READERS REACT: Weighing in on trailer inspection tips


In response to our article earlier this week, “10 trailer inspection tips to save you money“, two regular HWT readers offered some tips of their own. 

Mark Clemons says, “we have found lack of PM comes in second as cause of failures. First is MIFs (maintenance induced failures). Packing bearings twice a year is…screaming for a MIF.”

Kyle Stan offers, “A good place to start is to create an ISO type document that is specific to the trailer that has a before and after use that has all the check points the manufacturer and state DMV/DOT inspect.

All equipment leaving the yard must have a 100% pass, unless it is being taken to a repair shop.

Besides the inspection points the checklist should have the VIN and date of inspection, noted defects and when the defects were corrected and the person inspecting and/or repairing. This should be saved in a folder that is meant to document the trailers service and use..”