ACE Mini Spreader For Pickups

Updated Jan 7, 2014

ACE mini spreaderACE Torwel’s Economizer MINI pickup truck and utility vehicle spreaders are designed for universities, home owners and professionals alike.  

The 1/3-yard V-box spreaders are ideal for small narrow spaces and spread sand, salt, seed, lime fertilizer and other coarse materials.

Made in the USA, these lightweight spreaders are made of 50/52 series aluminum (hopper) and 304 stainless steel (frame) construction.  

A quiet, durable 5.5hp Honda gas engine with built-in overload protection handles the dispersion, and operators can easily control the flow of material with an in-the-cab control panel.

The aluminum material deflectors adjust spreading width from 4’ to 24’ cover small and large areas.  

Each unit includes everything needed for easy installation including tie-down kit, straps and wood runners.  Upgrades include chute extension for pickup truck models, and steel woven top screen.

CONTACT:; 888-878-0898.