SuperSprings releases video

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Updated May 28, 2013

SuperSprings International has released a new video outlines the many commercial uses for SuperSprings.

The company says their springs enhance the vehicleā€™s load-carrying ability, promote a level ride and reduce body roll, and applications are available for work trucks up to and including Class 5.

ā€œSuperSprings offer all the advantages of a fully upgraded suspension, but, as we demonstrate in the video, they can be installed in-house in an hour or less,ā€ Mike Visser, president of SuperSprings International, says. ā€œNow you donā€™t have to send a brand new truck out to the spring shop, which saves money, preserves original equipment and eliminates wasteful employee transport time.ā€

The video, found here, begins with an overview of the benefits of SuperSprings. On commercial trucks, the company says, they help balance eccentric equipment loads, prevent rear-end sag and reduce sway by up to 30 percent. The installation processes on both a utility truck and a rolling chassis are shown, along with footage of aerial trucks, emergency vehicles, dump trucks and flatbed trucks in action.

The video shows how SuperSprings can be customized with various shackle settings, a job made easy with installation tools from SuperSprings International. Once installed, the settings never have to be adjusted, the company says. 

Chevrolet, Ford, Isuzu and Ram trucks are featured in the video, and heavy-duty SuperSprings are also currently available for GMC, Mazda, Mercedes, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Sterling and Toyota vehicles.