Transforming a Mercedes into a dump truck

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The versatile Mercedes-Benz Sprinter cab chassis can be transformed into a dump truck and a whole lot more.The versatile Mercedes-Benz Sprinter cab chassis can be transformed into a dump truck and a whole lot more.

If you need to turn a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter cab chassis into a multi-ton dump truck, there’s a company in Florida that can help you do that and a lot more.

Mercedes-Benz announced this week that RENNtech, a longtime Mercedes customizer, has mastered modifying the versatile Sprinter cab chassis so that it can be transformed into stronger workhorse vehicles, including a dump truck.

Once RENNtech’s Sprinter Extreme is fitted with the Scattolini ScattoMaax Tipper Bed, it becomes a dump truck that can haul up to 5,200 pounds of whatever and dump it three different ways: passenger side, driver side or in the rear.

The dump truck configuration is one of several enhancements available through Mercedes’ MasterUpfitter program. Right from the factory, the Sprinter cab chassis is ready to be transformed into various vehicles including a bus, RV, ambulance or box truck.

RENNtech, based in Stuart, Fla., modifies the 20-foot long, 95-inch high Sprinter chassis making it an even stronger and more equipped workhorse. Mercedes is thrilled with their work.

“The Sprinter cab chassis is the most capable heavy-duty vehicle in its segment,” said Bernie Glaser, vice president of Mercedes-Benz Vans in the U.S. “The Sprinter Extreme concept has super-strength, unlimited hard-working capability and an aggressive design. Unlike most concepts, the foundation for the Sprinter Extreme can be ordered at a Mercedes or Freightliner dealership today with the help of our MasterUpfitter program.”

Starting at the front, RENNtech builds a custom roof rack to support six forward-facing lights while additional spotlights are positioned on the sides of the roof rack. A custom brush guard complete with additional fog lights and a powerful winch are placed beneath the Sprinter 3500’s front bumper.

A suspension lift package raises the Sprinter Extreme above six G-Class-inspired beadlock wheels and aggressive off-road tires. Custom rear fenders are fabricated to provide additional clearance for suspension travel and tire clearance. Finishing off the Sprinter Extreme’s look is an eye-catching vinyl wrap and chrome exhaust stacks situated on either side of the cab.

Made out of high-strength steels and alloys, the ScattoMaax Tipper Bed provides an extra barrier of protection between the passenger compartment and the payload. The Sprinter Extreme paired up with the Tipper Bed provides a payload capacity greater than nearly all half-ton trucks currently on the market.

Innovative Vehicle Solutions, one of the 55 MasterUpfitters currently enrolled in the Mercedes program, is the exclusive supplier of ScattoMaax Tipper Beds in the United States.

The standard Sprinter cab chassis comes equipped with a 4-Cylinder BlueTEC diesel engine combined with a 7-speed 7G-TRONIC transmission. The chassis has a best-in-class payload capacity of up to 6,400 lbs. and can tow up to 7,500 lbs.