Fun Trucks Friday family vacation: not your father’s RV

Load up the kids, it’s time for a Fun Trucks Friday family vacation in the funkiest one-off you’ll see this week. 

Now, in our day, the number of camping conveyances the FTF staff had to endure ranged from a VW bus (with roll back soft top), a converted bread truck wallpapered with gold paisley kitchen shelf liner, a Vista Cruiser with tailgate tent attachment, a 4WD two-ton pickup camper and even a very conventional Winnebago.

But nothing like the Nimbus concept E-car by Brazilian Designer Eduardo Galvani. (It’s a stretch, but it’s the best World Cup connection with could come up with.)

Personally, for traveling with the kiddos, we much prefer the Kira van. (Click for more)Personally, for traveling with the kiddos, we much prefer the Kira van. (Click for more)

It’s an all-terrain minibus powered by 180hp engine/lithium battery combination that works parallel with a micro-generator to keep the batteries charged.

Built to strong and light from carbon-fiber, titanium and aluminum, it’s also partly covered with solar cells and has a regenerative brake mechanism to recover some that kinetic energy.

There are four selectable driving modes designed to improve range and energy consumption: Energy Saver, Standard Trip, Faster Cruise and 4WD.

The central display is a removable touchscreen that controls the sound system, interior lights, a/c, navigation, clock and media browser and Web services. Gauges include an inclinometer, altimeter, weather, general vehicle info (tire pressure, fluid levels, maintenance schedule, etc.).

Nimbus has a five passenger cockpit with side protection bars and six airbags. More importantly, there’s a mini-fridge to keep Daddy’s little helpers cool for the end of the road.

Panoramic windows provide a great view of the gawking bystanders – of course, it also gives them a view of your misbehaving brats inside the fishbowl.

How much longer, Mommy!