Brand FX launches UltimateFX all-composite service body

Updated Mar 7, 2019

Brand FX introduced it’s newest all-composite light pickup body at the Work Truck Show in Indianapolis Wednesday afternoon.

Matched to an all-composite understructure, The UltimateFX service body was designed to match 56 CA single, and 60 CA dual rear-wheel truck chassis.

BrandFX President Gary Heisterkamp says the company’s high-performance service body is up to 60 percent lighter than a similar metal body, allowing for significant fuel savings and off-setting some of the additional weight associated with ancillary power systems.

In some cases, Heisterkamp says the lighter-weight composite structure allows users to drop down a truck class without sacrificing capability.

The UltimateFX has also been proven to be extremely strong with in-depth testing that has shown it can withstand a head-on crash at speeds in excess of 30 mph.

Absent of metal, Heisterkamp says the UltimateFX is also a zero-corrosion, zero-oxidation construction.