VMAC 6.7L Super Duty Hydraulic Air Compressor

Updated Dec 11, 2014

PredatairHHP60CC-for-webVMAC PREDATAIR HHP60 Delivers High-Capacity Performance With Low Hydraulic Flow

Super Duty 4Ă—4 owners who equip their 2012-newer trucks with service bodies know the challenges of up-fitting a high-capacity air compressor to the 6.7s’ low-pressure Live Drive PTO system.

Canada’s VMAC has solved such compatibility and performance concerns with the PREDATAIR HHP60.

The PREDATAIR HHP60 delivers high capacity at low hydraulic flow, giving trucks like the second-generation 6.7L Super Duties that were previously limited by their PTO capacity, the benefit of high-performance air power.  

The new unit can withstand extreme weather and features controls such as soft-start, standby mode, over-temp shut-off, and integrated hydraulic/compressor oil cooler to protect both the hydraulic system and the air compressor.

It also fits in the same compact, lightweight package as other VMAC PREDATAIR compressors, freeing up hauling capacity and bed space. In fact, the HHP60 is about half the size and weight of its direct competitors.

“The limiting hydraulic pump arrangement of the Ford 4Ă—4 Super Duty meant users had very little choice when buying an air compressor with higher capacity, so we knew we needed to solve that problem,” said Dan Hutchinson, Sales and Marketing Manager. 


  • Rated air capacity: 60 CFM at 150 psi
  • Hydraulic flow required: 12-18 GPM, 40-60 CFM
  • Hydraulic Pressure at full load: 2,650 psi (3,000 psi hydraulic pump recommended)
  • Safety systems: 3,300 psi hydraulic pressure relief
  • Weight (wet): 172lbs (78 kg)
  • Dimensions: 16.5″ (w) x 24.0″ (l) x 18.0″ (h)

CONTACT: VMAC800-738-8622