Utility truck stolen as driver is elevated in bucket putting up Christmas decorations

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A utility truck driver who had been elevated in his bucket hanging Christmas decorations on a power pole suddenly got jerked away as a thief made off with his truck.

Surveillance video obtained from wlwt.com shows the public works employee in Cincinnati hanging on to the hydraulic arm of his bucket truck as the would-be thief speeds down the road Friday. Thankfully, the man, a U.S. military veteran, was able to call his office who in turn notified police.

In the video below the 911 dispatcher sounds surprised to learn that the Elmwood Place maintenance worker was still with the truck when it was stolen.

Several police chased the truck which crashed after the tires were flattened with stop sticks. The maintenance worker was taken to the hospital as a precaution and did not have any injuries.

Police arrested Dennis Smith, Jr. and charged him with theft and kidnapping.