Utility trucks pouring into storm ravaged North Carolina

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Updated Oct 10, 2016

Bucket trucks by the hundreds continued to arrive into North Carolina on Sunday to aid that state with power restoration following Hurricane Matthew.

Crews will work 14 to 16 hours each day in an effort to restore power to hundreds of thousands of homes.

“We have another 6,000 coming in from off system, from states all over the Eastern U.S.,” Duke Energy spokesman Tom Williams told abc11.com.

As crews take on downed powerlines they’ll be faced with rising waters thanks to swollen rivers that as of Sunday night still had not yet crested.

“It’s causing issues with our equipment, certainly causing issues in people’s homes,” Williams said. “You have hook-up issues where you can’t restore power to a home that may still be underwater, so lots of considerations to deal with.”

Over 5,600 field workers are in the state with more arriving tomorrow. System resources will be doubled by Tuesday, according to Duke Energy.