Service bodies easily rank as most popular truck body

Work Truck Solutions reported today that service bodies easily ranked as the most popular truck body types that users researched in their data system during the fourth quarter of 2015.

The report represents nearly 60,000 searches completed by online visitors of dealerships using Work Truck Solutions, an online commercial vehicle inventory system.

The second most searched truck body was the cutaway van, with the platform body rounding out the list as the third most searched.

Here are the top five most searched truck bodies, based on data compiled by

  1. Service Bodies (20.00%)
  2. Cutaway Vans (11.40%)
  3. Platform Bodies (10.81%)
  4. Cargo Vans (10.79%)
  5. Service Utility Vans (9.71%)

Work Truck Solutions enables online users to view, filter and find commercial trucks by body style and chassis. Dealers who use the solution also have access to back-end analytics, showing them which body types and chassis are being searched the most often, which can help them reduce flooring costs and better estimate which trucks to stock.

“A frustration we often see in dealerships is difficulty deciding which truck bodies to stock due to incomplete data on what is most popular or selling most quickly in their market,” says Kathryn Schifferle, CEO and founder of Work Truck Solutions. “With Work Truck Solutions, our dealers can use their back-end reports to quickly reveal which bodies are being requested most often, helping them stock appropriately. This data represents a flooring goldmine for dealers.”

In addition to a visual library of body styles and the back-end reporting capabilities, Work Truck Solutions also offers dealers access to their Online Dealer Trade Network, a global search feature that enables dealers to track down, buy and sell commercial inventory on lots across the country.