CleanFuel Propane Autogas eConnect Management System

CleanFUEL USA Unveils Propane Industry’s First Fully Integrated Fuel Management System, CleanFUEL eCONNECTeConnect composite

CleanFUEL USA today announced immediate availability of the propane autogas industry’s first complete fuel network management system for electronic dispensers, CleanFUEL eCONNECT.

Fleet managers can economically monitor and control fuel inventories faster and easier than ever before using CleanFUEL ECONNECT with real-time data insight, flexible report storage and remote access capabilities.

CleanFUEL eCONNECT is simple to use with in-dispenser operations as well as remote access and control capabilities from a computer, tablet or mobile device.

The software offers dispenser diagnostics and real-time reports, which can be stored on a local computer, remote server or the cloud.

Fleet managers can also customize CleanFUEL eCONNECT to meet specific data collection needs, such as vehicle mileage, fuel consumption and driver controls, all at a substantially lower entry cost with improved security over a standard dispenser.

 Additional CleanFUEL eCONNECT options include keypad entry, card reader, RFID and key fob (Dallas button), as well as integrated printing. 

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