Odyne Hybrid Electric Power Available For Medium-Duty Trucks

Updated Mar 7, 2014


OdynediggerderrickOdyne Hybrid System Can Help Fleets Be Both Green And Powerful

Odyne Hybrid Systems showed off their new electric motor system designed to plug in to Allison Transmissions on medium- and heavy-duty trucks to provide better fuel economy and all day stationary electric power for auxiliary equipment.

The new hybrid electric system delivers 80HP of additional launch power to the truck and uses regenerative braking to help recharge batteries. 

Odyne claims their Allison| Odyne Hybrid System can reduce fleet fuel and maintenance costs by as much as 50-percent.

Although no upfit costs were discussed, Joe Dalum, Odyne’s president told us at the 2014 Work Truck Show that they will work with fleet managers in finding potential funding sources to convert their trucks to this new hybrid technology. 

If you are interested in learning more, contact Odyne: 262.544.8405

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