SuperSprings Overload Springs

SuperSprings SSA10SuperSprings for Work Trucks

Vocational truck users looking for an easy, cost-effective way to upgrade their vehicles’ suspensions can turn to SuperSprings® from SuperSprings International.

U.S.A.-made SuperSprings are unique, self-adjusting leaf spring stabilizers with free-rolling shackles that fit over factory spring packs of pickups, chassis cabs, emergency vehicles, dumps and utility trucks up through Class 5.

On pickups and chassis cabs, SuperSprings help balance eccentric equipment loads, prevent rear-end sag, promote a level ride, reduce body roll, and reduce sway by up to 30 percent.

SuperSprings offer all the advantages of a fully upgraded suspension, but they can be installed in-house in an hour or less.

Instead of sending a brand-new truck out to the spring shop, users can install SuperSprings themselves and save money, preserve original equipment and eliminate wasteful employee transport time.

SuperSprings can be customized with various shackle settings. Once installed, the settings never have to be adjusted. 

Interested fleet operators can evaluate a set for 30 days and, if not satisfied, return them for a refund.