Fun Trucks Friday goes back to the future

Daihatsu FC-Deck Concept, 2013 Tokyo Motor Show

It’s Friday, so let’s have some hard working truck fun. This week, everything old is new again.

BIG MUSCLE: Art Morrison Enterprises is in the hot rod business, selling modern frames for old classics. Below is Craig Morrison’s 1950 Chevy 3100 pickup, with a tweak or two to make it a tad more sporty than your average farm truck. It’s a daily driver with the performance characteristics of a ‘Vette.

[youtube NtcYw8xVY14 nolink]

WIRED thriftmasterFOR SALE: If you liked Morrison’s Chevy, the folks at ICON have a deal for you. For a measly quarter-mil or so, you can buy the ICON Thriftmaster, a 3100 with all the bells and whistles a dot-com billionaire could want, as Wired detailed recently.

WHILE THE CITY SLEEPS: For a real blast from the past, here’s a 1940 Ford Motor Co. featurette highlighting the role that hard working trucks play after the society swells have sipped their last cocktail for the evening and retired to Park Avenue.

[youtube DRf7GPCqxIw nolink]

TURNING JAPANESE: Of course, in urban Japan the roads can get a little crowded. So the government vehicle tax system encourages cars designed to help combat congestion. These light vehicles are known as kei-cars. Featured here is the Daihatsu FC-Deck Concept vehicle, as presented at the recent Tokyo Motor Show. Let’s hope U.S. roads don’t get so crowded that everyone will need a truck this size – but, on the other hand, can you imagine what hot rodder’s will come up with for this in, say, 2064?

[youtube B2gNLGUevFg nolink]