Diesel drive now 2 speed, quieter


VMAC’s RAPTAIR-MF Diesel Drive Stand-Alone air compressor is now two-speed equipped. with an idle-down feature added to the system allowing for quieter operation.

The system now features two rpm speeds. Low speed is 2,600 rpm and high speed is 3,600 rpm.

The company says the low speed is quieter, burns less fuel and provides low engine speed at startup, providing added protection for the unit. The higher speed delivers more power when it is required to a maximum of 45 CFM. The welder, generator and PTO port do not run at the lower speed, so when those options are chosen, the unit runs at the higher rpm.

No action is required from workers utilizing both speeds, the company says. 

When the air compressor function is chosen, the system simply responds with the appropriate amount of CFM to run the tool. If more CFM is required, the engine will kick up to the higher rpm. 

The lower idling speed also protects the system at start-up as it idles at low speed for five seconds before idling up. When the weather is cold, the low-speed idle lasts until the system is ready.