Liquid tune up product from Penray

Updated Jul 15, 2013
Penray Liquid Tune-Up family photo

The Penray Companies, Inc. has introduced Penray Plus Liquid Tune-Up, an package of proprietary chemicals designed to work in harmony to restore gasoline-powered vehicle engines to optimal performance and efficiency.

According to Penray, the product is an integrated package containing specially-blended chemicals and designed as a three-step process to fortify the three key fluids in today’s vehicles: the fuel, the lubricating oil and the engine coolant. Optimizing the fuel, lubrication, and cooling systems help extract the best performance and efficiency from engines, Penray says, while offering protection for vital systems that will impact service life and resale value.

 “Most people think it’s a good idea to go to the doctor’s office once a year for a physical exam, in which the doctor evaluates your body’s critical systems, pulmonary, circulatory, cognitive, and make adjustments in activity and medication to keep you in the peak of health for a longer and more enjoyable life,” says Sarah Cooper, product manager for Penray. “[Vehicles] deserves similar care, on a similar annual schedule.”

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