Rivian R1T electric pickup on the loose in Arizona desert

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Rivian released footage Thursday of its electric R1T pickup undergoing some challenging on- and off-road testing in Arizona.

“We try to subject it to the harshest terrain possible so that we can understand what works and what doesn’t,”

The more impressive runs include a rock climb and some fast, tight turns on the test track. Looks like the truck’s lower center of gravity, courtesy of battery pack placement between the chassis rails, helps to keep those tires glued to the pavement.

Scroll down through the comments to see an interesting exchange on the truck’s electric motors. You’ll notice during the rock crawl that once a wheel becomes airborne it continues to spin leading some to believe that it’s a waste of energy that should be mitigated by software.

That concern, however, is more the exception than the norm. All told, as of Thursday afternoon, the video racked up roughly 1,000 likes versus 16 dislikes following 8,352 views.