Elderly wheelchair woman rides in pickup bed on I-75

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Updated Aug 24, 2018

While we’ve seen a lot of things and people hauled in the back of a pickup, a wheelchair-bound elderly woman was never among them.

Until now.

Landscaper Billy Big Rig spotted an older, white-haired woman taking a ride in the back of a Ram truck this week while riding south in Tampa, Fla. on Interstate 75.

Billy kept up with the truck as it exited onto Fowler Avenue and broke out his phone, naturally.

“We’re talking a big-time red neck Uber. Grandma sitting in the back of the truck in a wheelchair,” Billy says during the video which he posted on Facebook. Fox News picked it up and added some playful music to the one-minute clip.

We’re not sure if she wanted to wax nostalgic and go for one last ride in the back of a truck. But if that were the case, we’re pretty sure she wouldn’t be riding alongside lumber, a spare tire and a traffic cone. But who knows? Maybe that’s the way she rolls or, worse yet, maybe she had no choice.

Regardless, Tampa police said riding through the city in the back of a pickup on the interstate and on main roadways is illegal.