Alliance road trip spreads the word about propane

Updated May 16, 2016

An Alliance AutoGas F-150 continues its 5,300-mile long journey around the U.S. to help spread the word about propane and how the company believes that it’s the best alternative fuel choice.

Not long after setting a record for the fastest autogas conversion at the Work Truck Show in Indianapolis in March, the converted 2016 F-150 hit the road on May 2 with a launch celebration in Kansas City, Missouri for its Coast-to-Coast Clean Air Ride.

People along the way will be reminded about propane’s low emissions and it’s low cost. Alliance reported Friday that autogas was averaging 95 cents per gas gallon equivalent.

“The cross country trip in Alliance Autogas’ Ford F150 will be a great opportunity to demonstrate why propane Autogas is the world’s #1 alternative fuel,” said Stuart Weidie, President and CEO of Blossman Gas, Inc., and President of Alliance AutoGas.

“We hope to educate citizens across the country about the extended range of autogas vehicles as well as the benefits of real costs savings and emissions reductions.”

Alliance told Hard Working Trucks Thursday that the truck was on its way to Jackson, Miss., and would be stopping for a Mississippi Braves game tonight in Pearl, Miss at Trustmark Stadium. Alliance representatives will be meeting with the groundskeeper to demonstrate the propane mower that they’ve been hauling on their cross-country journey.

“Our Blossman Gas store in Florence, Miss. entered into a ‘Run Scored’ sponsorship relationship with the Mississippi Braves,” said Janet Oppenheimer, public relations specialist at Blossman Gas, parent company of Alliance AutoGas.

“For every run the Braves score means during the home game season, a donation to the Wounded Warriors of Mississippi will be made by Blossman. Tonight Blossman Gas is providing an early presentation check for $2000 to the Wounded Warriors of Mississippi.”

Despite some weather concerns, which has included tornadoes in Oklahoma and heavy rain in Little Rock on Wednesday, the Alliance F-150 has remained on schedule.

Central Oklahoma Clean Cities Coordinator Eric Pollard said of Alliance’s recent stop in Oklahoma, “Today’s event brought together the propane marketers, fleet managers, equipment providers, and transportation professionals to focus on the air quality and energy security benefits of increased propane use in transportation.”

Alliance’s next stop is scheduled for Tuesday, May 17 at the DeKalb County Public Works and Sanitation Division. The tour’s final day is planned for Wednesday, May 18 in Jacksonville, Fla. where Alliance representative will be capping off their journey with a wine and cheese reception at Universal Engineering Sciences.

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The Alliance Autogas F-150 is shown here in Salt Lake City, Utah during its ongoing 5,300-mile road trip across the U.S.The Alliance Autogas F-150 is shown here in Salt Lake City, Utah during its ongoing 5,300-mile road trip across the U.S.