Altec unveils new fiberglass insert

Updated Mar 14, 2016
Altec’s new fiberglass insert features an all-aluminum interior.Altec’s new fiberglass insert features an all-aluminum interior.

Altec recently debuted its new fiberglass insert which is comprised of a one-piece, seamless shell and an all-aluminum interior.

The insert, revealed at the 2016 Work Truck Show, also features customized interior packages, recessed side and rear doors, and aesthetic contours with chassis and forklift pockets for easy installation and removal.

“We strive to meet the demand for lightweight products and ultimately find the best solution to meet customer needs,” says Justin Chandler, Altec sales manager.

“The advanced engineering in our lightweight fiberglass body products provide our customers with the quality and durability they expect in an Altec product.”

Altec reports that its patented, integrated core material makes its fiberglass bodies the lightest and strongest combination in the work truck industry.

Sealed, stainless steel latches and heavy-duty hinges are designed to provide security and reliability.

Altec fiberglass inserts and bodies are backed by a national support network and warranty protection.

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