ChampRack offers new rack for commercial-style caps

Updated Dec 10, 2015
ChampRack is now offering a tool and materials rack that will fit under nearly all commercial-style caps.ChampRack is now offering a tool and materials rack that will fit under nearly all commercial-style caps.

ChampRack is now offering a minimally invasive, customizable truck bed rack designed to fit under most commercial-style caps.

When mounted in the back of pickup bed, the ChampRack system will still allow for full 4-ft x 8-ft sheets of plywood to be flat-stacked in the bed.

Up to three levels of storage are available. The rack can be configured with two 19-inch deep shelves on both sides, with each shelf capable of holding up to 200 pounds. A small parts storage bin shelf plus 12 plastic parts bins are included.

Constructed from black powder-coated mild steel components measuring up to 3/16 of an inch thick, ChampRack is designed to hold up to 1,200 pounds of tools and materials.

ChampRack is designed to work in any full-size pickup truck bed with a commercial-style bed cap that has van-style rear doors and lift-up, side-access doors.

Designed to maximize space in 8-foot long pickup beds, the ChampRack system works best with commercial caps with at least 23 inches of interior height.

At 72 inches in length, the ChampRack system provides two feet of open space at the rear of the bed for larger items such as a pressure washer, commercial sprayer, table saw, etc. The 72-inch length also means ChampRack will fit in smaller 6-foot long truck beds.

ChampRack comes in widths of 61 ¾ inches or 62 ¾ inches. These two sizes help ensure ChampRack will fit in nearly all truck beds and also accommodate beds that are tapered. For proper fitment, it is recommended to measure the bed width six feet back from the cab, which will account for any tapering.

The ChampRack system is delivered in four boxes and is designed to be easily installed by one person in 60 to 90 minutes. Designed as ready-to-assemble components, it can be set up after the cap is installed.

The basic ChampRack system retails for $799 and includes one small parts storage bin shelf and 12 plastic parts bins. Official ChampRack accessories include: a second small parts storage bin shelf ($102 each), plastic parts bins ($13 four-pack), ½-inch pre-finished plywood end panels ($33 each), and end panel utility hooks ($9.75 each). All are available for online ordering at