Ford F-250 Gooseneck Hitch Install

Updated Dec 11, 2014


FLIP IT OVERBW Trunoverball_BWS5622 vert

B&W Turnover Ball makes towing gooseneck trailers easy while keeping bed unobstructed

Towing gooseneck trailers is far more commonplace in the landscaping and construction world than it was a decade ago.

So much so that some pickup manufacturers now offer prep packages for gooseneck hitches.

Goosenecks are superb for towing compact loaders and smaller equipment because the tongue weight of a loaded trailer is more evenly balanced across the chassis, greatly improving handling over a traditional tow-behind trailer setup.   

They also allow fast hook-up and allow towing  the maximum while staying within the manufacturer’s “properly-equipped” requirements.

One of the nicer gooseneck hitch setups is B&W Hitches’ (; 800-248-6564) Turnover Ball setup.  

It’s one of the easiest to install, taking the typical shop mechanic less than 45 minutes to do the job.

Then you’ll have a gooseneck hitch ball that can be flipped over after the trailer is dropped, leaving a flat, open bed floor. 

The gallery below shows how it’s done.