GM to reveal plug-in Chevy truck

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GM will soon be offering a glimpse at their concept vehicles one of which is reportedly a plug-in Chevy truck.

According to Bloomberg Green, GM will reveal their latest electrified vehicles in a video during a speech that GM CEO Mary Barra will be giving at the Consumer Electronics Show next month.

Barra, who will have the opening speech during the Jan. 12 online event, will reportedly be talking up the importance of powertrain electrification and the company’s role in same.

Typically, the term plug-in refers to a hybrid powertrain that can be charged from an outlet. However, it’s not clear if the truck is a hybrid or if it will be bear the Silverado name.

Barra has continued to bolster GM’s role in vehicle electrification. Last month, Barra revealed GM’s plans to increase its EV budget by 35% or $27 billion with plans in place to roll out 30 battery-electric vehicles by 2025. The company’s Hummer electric pickup is expected to go on sale late next year.