Musk: Tesla pickup better than F-150 & Porsche 911

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tesla-truck (1)
An early Tesla teased image of its electric pickup.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk never seems to be short on words or big promises.

But the famous auto maverick may have taken his memorable bravado to a whole new level this week when he said during a “Ride the Lightning” podcast that his company’s yet-to-revealed electric pickup will outperform Ford’s iconic F-150 as well as Porsche’s popular 911.

Oh, and its targeted starting price will be $49,000.

“It’ll be a better truck than an equivalent F-150 and a better sports car than a standard 911,” Musk said.

It’s no secret that torque delivered from electric motors can easily out-perform internal combustion engines, but Musk’s claim that his truck will be “a better sports car” than a 911 is an attention-getter and to our knowledge the first such gauntlet thrown down by an aspiring electric truck manufacturer.

The truck’s purported sports car like performance is probably owed to its load-leveling suspension.

Musk is undoubtedly feeling increased pressure from competitors Rivian, Ford and GM, all of whom announced plans for electric pickups. Rivian unveiled its R1-T at the Los Angeles Auto Show in November. Ford and GM have yet to unveil their battery-powered pickups.