CHP shocked by massive pickup load

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Updated Mar 22, 2019

I just want to know what the guy was listening to on his radio while driving with this load.

Disco Inferno? Wipe Out? Livin’ la Vida Loca? Sanford and Son theme song? Candle in the wind?

While a sight like this may be commonplace in Bangladesh (and maybe with a few folks even riding on top), it’s not exactly a great idea to attempt to pull it off here especially at highway speeds in full view of law enforcement. Yeah…on the freeway. Go big, or go home, I guess.

“The officer was shocked as he observed as the load almost struck an over crossing,” CHP South Sacramento posted on their Facebook page.

The officer flashed the blue lights on pack man, had him exit U.S. 50 and ordered him to find a safer way to transport his aluminum cans and bottles. I don’t know if I want this guy around a truck again, Power Wheels or even a skateboard. This is probably the same type of guy that’ll scoop up five pounds of guacamole on a single chip. Not to be trusted.