GMC tailgate offers built-in sound system

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Oh yeah? But can your tailgate do this?

GMC is redefining the usually uneventful back-end of a pickup with its six-function tailgate which can also be turned into a worksite jukebox thanks to a built-in 100-watt Kicker sound system.

Unadjustednonraw Thumb D5eWe spotted the smile-evoking sound system at the Detroit Auto Show. The waterproof design features a compact amplifier and two four-inch speakers that play audio from a Bluetooth-equipped smartphone or USB flash drive. You can also charge your phone through the USB plug.

Since the MultiPro Sound System operates independently of the stereo in the cab, the truck does not have to be running or left in the ‘on’ position for the tailgate to play your favorite tunes for a long, long time. According to GM, a low current draw will allow the system to play for hours.

If you’re in a hurry, the system can be turned off by simply closing the inner gate.

Aside from playing music, the MultiPro Tailgate offers drop-down steps for easy access into the bed; load stops to keep lumber or whatever else your hauling from flying out of the bed when the tailgate’s lowered; 90-degree drop-down tailgate access allowing closer access to stuff in the bed; and a raised, narrow workbench of sorts which doesn’t require you to bend over to thump keys on a laptop or fish through a tool box.

Look for the world’s first six-function MultiPro Tailgate on 2019 Sierra DenaliSierra AT4 and Sierra SLT models.

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