From a humble work truck to an amazing auto collection

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Updated Jan 14, 2019

Touring the Tallahassee Auto Museum is all the more interesting knowing that the vast and eclectic collection was started by a former work truck owner who kept working hard and dreaming big.

DeVoe Moore, who once worked as a farrier out of a 1954 F-100 while attending Florida State University in the 1960s, went on to become a very successful entrepreneur and benefactor.

But along the way, Moore was collecting things—a lot of things. At age 9, he began collecting Case knives which the museum displays along with antique marine engines, pianos, housewares, sports memorabilia, toys, motorcycles, over 160 cars and trucks and so much more—a lot more.

Some personal highlights for me include seeing one of the hearses used in Lincoln’s funeral procession (stunning, to say the least), the oldest vehicle in the U.S. (an 1894 Duryea), a 1956 F-100 stuffed with a blown 850-hp Chevy 454 (shown above) and a 1948 Tucker, the first car with a padded dash and a pop-out windshield (museum’s photos shown below). The video below can’t really do the museum justice, but we gave it a shot nonetheless.

1948 Tucker Profile

1948 Tucker Museum