1967 Toyota Land Cruiser pickup restoration is a lesson in tenacity

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Updated Nov 2, 2018

You just don’t see Toyota Land Cruiser pickups everyday, so when we spotted one at SEMA at the Maxxis Tires booth we had to stop and take a closer look.

Ed Moore with Proffitt’s Resurrection Land Cruisers explained that the 1967 FJ45 turned into a challenging six-year long build. Hard-to-find parts were either found online or manufactured in-house. A five-speed gear box found in Australia was mated to a 1988 Toyota 4.0-liter 3FE.

Some may note that the iconic Warn M8274-70 bolted up front has not yet hit store shelves. Limited to 999 units worldwide, the 70th anniversary edition features a 10,000-lb. pulling capacity and a 150 ft. long Spydura synthetic rope.

We’ll let Moore do the rest of the talking below.