‘Angel photo’ of fire chief’s truck goes viral

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Updated May 17, 2018

It’s safe to say that a fire chief and his wife in Michigan will never look the same way at his truck again after a picture was taken of it with what looks like an angel hovering above.

The photo, which has since gone viral, was snapped by Glen Thorman’s security camera at his home in East Jordan. He sent the photo to his pastor at Jordan Rivers Church who posted it on the church’s Facebook page last Wednesday. The photo has since sparked interest around the world.

Some photo experts have suggested that the motion-sensitive camera may have snapped a moth fluttering close by. Glen Thorman and his wife, Rhonda, are not buying it.

“Bugs have antennae and they have legs and stuff. I took a magnifying glass to the picture and there is no antennae,” Rhonda Thorman told wzzm.com. “There are no legs and so that’s just even more confirmation. It’s truly an angel.”

Take a look below and judge for yourself.