Stolen pickup found impaled on a guard rail

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Updated Jun 8, 2017
Photo: Aberdeen Springfield Canal CompanyPhoto: Aberdeen Springfield Canal Company


‘Riding a rail’ was an 18th and 19th century practice in the U.S. where citizens would band together, place an offensive resident atop a fence rail and carry the scoundrel out of town.

The phrase takes on all new meaning in light of a bizarre pickup crash in rural Idaho.

About four hours after a 1999 GMC Sierra was stolen early Sunday morning in Aberdeen it was found on the bank of a canal completely impaled by a highway guard rail. Yes, skewered like shish kabob.

The driver’s door was open and no one was found inside or near the truck, which had been stolen at 2:45 a.m. from a home roughly three miles away.

The pickup had struck the end of the guard rail with such force that it penetrated the front grill, went through the cab and exited the back window all the while guiding the pickup past the canal in zip line-like fashion.

A canal inspector who came across the impaled truck while out working around 6:45 a.m. told the Idaho State Journal that there was no one on site and no skid marks on the road leading up to the guard rail. Thinking that the driver may have fallen into the canal and drowned, a search was conducted but no remains were found. The theft and crash remain under investigation.