Ford, FCA announce Super Bowl ads

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Updated Feb 4, 2017

Two OEMs announced that they’ll be running ads during Super Bowl LI on Sunday.

FCA reported today that it will be airing three commercials. The first spot will air during the second quarter; the second spot in the third quarter; and the third in the fourth quarter.

We’re betting that one of those three will involve a Ram Truck or two, but the automaker’s not saying, so we’ll have to wait and see. Ram’s pickup ad featuring beloved and deceased radio icon Paul Harvey proved popular during Super Bowl Sunday four years ago and to date has gotten nearly 21 million views on YouTube. You can watch it below.

“This video was played at my brother in law’s funeral on September 17, 2016,” one viewer writes on Ram Truck’s YouTube site. “He passed away the day after his 67th birthday. He ran our family farm. Now his son runs the farm that has been in the family for more than 100 years—my grandfather’s homestead. God bless you, Murray.”

Ford, the Official Truck of Super Bowl LI, told Hard Working Trucks that it will be running only one ad on Super Bowl Sunday.

“The only Ford ad is the one running right before kickoff,” said Mike Levine, Ford product communications manager for North America.

The 90-second spot at first takes a humorous jab at people and even a cat as they get stuck in places like pet doors, traffic jams and the snow. (Hint: It’s not the cat that gets stuck in the pet door.)

Ford’s growing emphasis on mobility solutions soon comes to light as an F-Series pickup pulls the stuck car free from the snow and a Transit van swoops in and stops alongside a busy city street to take on passengers ready to get on their way. That ad, shown below, has attracted nearly 343,000 views since debuting Jan. 30.

“Definitely one of the best Ford ads I’ve seen in a long time!” one viewer comments.