Army talks more about hydrogen powered Chevy Colorado ZH2

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Updated Jan 25, 2017

The U.S. Army has revealed more information about its hydrogen powered Chevrolet Colorado ZH2 that it developed with GM.

First, it only takes about three to five minutes to fuel-up the all-terrain truck. That clearly gives it the advantage over plug-in electric vehicles which can take hours, depending on available voltage and current.

Of course, the Army, like other military branches, has been accustomed to using diesel and gas.

“We’ll be holding a hydrogen workshop later in January where we’ll be discussing how to handle and support hydrogen in the battlefield—logistically, where to produce hydrogen, where to get it,” TARDEC spokesman Kevin Centek told

Still no word, though, on how the Army will be getting its hydrogen.

TARDEC will take delivery of ZH2 in April and will be seeking feedback from soldiers who will be testing it for 12 months on various military installations. Check out the video below to learn more.